Preventing Corrosion of Metals

Corrosion is a serious problem with metals. It is very important to prevent metals from corrosion as it reduces the life of metal. Corrosion needs three conditions: a metallic surface, moisture and electron acceptor. Removing any of these criteria will stop corrosion.

Rusted Metal

Rusted Metal

Given below are some steps to prevent corrosion of metals:
  Keep metal products away from moisture: Galvanic and surface are two most common forms of corrosion and both are exacerbated by moisture. Things like salt, rust, dirt, white power and other surface items trap moisture against metal surface and cause corrosion. Clean the surface of the metal clean to slow down the corrosion process.
•  Keep metal surfaces as clean as possible. : Accumulation of dirt and dust play a big role in the corrosion of the metal. If you’re not using the metal product, it’s always better to wrap it up with a tarp or a cloth. Doing so will keep out the moisture of the air and will also prevent accumulation of dust on the metal surface. Make sure to clean and dry the metal product after use.
•  Apply protective lubricants to metal to seal out moisture: It is not always possible to keep metals wrapped in a cloth. In such cases, lubricants can prevent corrosion of the metals. Apply lubricants on the surface of the metal on a regular basis to make sure the protective sealant is still effective.
•   Paint the metal surface : Painting the metal surface help in sealing the pores of the metal surface and prevents metals from decaying. The benefit of painting is that it provides a smooth and an easy to clean surface. Repaint the surface whenever the paints get worn out or damaged. Make sure to check for corrosion or damage on the exposed metal. Do make sure to clean the surface of the metal from dirt, grease, residual welding debris or corrosion before painting.


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